QuantumCCM™ for


QuantumCCM™ as prophylaxis for COVID-19 infection

In in-vitro studies conducted by TIDREC, University of Malaya, Quantum CCM™ has shown significant and extraordinary Viral Inhibition against live COVID-19 Virus.

Live COVID-19 Viral Inhibition Results

Lab results at University of Malaya, an institution ranked #59 in QS World University Rankings, a BioSecurity 3+ Lab in Malaysia, a WHO Collaborating Laboratory.

In in-vitro studies conducted by Tropical Infectious Diseases Research & Education Centre (TIDREC), QuantumCCM™ has shown significant and extraordinary viral inhibition against live COVID-19 virus, and also appears to have anti-inflammatory potential as an inhibitor of Nuclear Factor Kappa (NF-kB), and InterLeukin-6, which are key inflammatory cytokines that cause the cytokine storm which leads to high morbidity and mortality in COVID-19 patients.

QuantumCCM™ has been designed to target viral infections with inflammatory complications. Curcumin inhibits S Protein and ACE2 interaction and eventually prevents viral entry.