Environmental Sustainability

Environmental challenges have never been more critical than they are today.

Growing consumption, industrialisation and urbanisation threaten not only the sustainability of the environment, but also the health of people around the world. 

We use billions of litres of water and large amounts of energy and resources in all sort of industries leading to the rise in COemissions.

To lead the way, and be at the forefront of change, we have taken a bold approach to minimize and solve environmental issues.

Our Commitment on Environmental Sustainability

Designing eco-friendly products:
We are re-designing both our existing and future products to reduce our waste. From the raw materials to packaging, so materials can be recovered and recycled into new products.

Working with suppliers who share our responsibility:
If we want to minimize the impact on environment, both up and down our supply chain, working with our suppliers is the key. With both our current and future suppliers, we will collaborate proactively to embed circular thinking across our value chain and switch to circular sourcing and procurement.

Switching to renewable electricity:
By 2030, our ambition is to have zero CO2 from our operations. We have set a goal to achieve using 100% renewable electricity across our global production and transform our business processes to eliminate the environmental footprint from our operations.