Unlike anything you have seen or tried before, justflō nebulizer systems with flōGanix® are the result of years of research and development, medical innovations and engineering investment. Our organic, technologically advanced, proprietary, and clinically evaluated** system will give you the safest, most satisfying and soothing experience you’ve ever felt- without smoke, nicotine or poisons.

**Our clinical evaluation involves respondents who, on average, smoke 16 cigarettes per day. The respondents were observed over a period of two weeks.

After 2 weeks, the average number of cigarettes smoked were reduced from 16 to 9 cigarettes per day.
A total of 50% reduction was observed in just 2 weeks. Studies are still ongoing in order to assess the potential of justflō for long term use in overcoming tobacco dependence.

Clinically Proven to


in just 14 days.

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flōGanix® is a technological breakthrough by FLŌ Life Sciences that combines the absolute smoothest and most comfortable inhalation sensation, with the most satisfying and mood enhancing experience. All organically derived and extracted – say goodbye to stress, depression, addiction, and anxiety today with justflō.

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