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Amazing Bioavailability, Stability and Compatibility

There are over 100 species in the Curcuma family and one thing that is characteristic of these species is the yellow orange hue. The compounds responsible for this colour are curcuminoids. The need to prepare synthetic variations of curcuminoids is that they have poor oral bioavailability and are rapidly metabolised.

Polyphenols are a large family of naturally occurring organic compounds. Curcumin is a natural polyphenol and universally known as the “wonder drug of life”.

Poorly Soluble Turmeric Powder

The potential health benefits of Curcumin, active compound found in the turmeric is limited by its poor solubility and absorption.

Curcumin's biggest challenge is its bioavailability and


Our technology polymerises curcumin using biodegradable polymers that encapsulate curcumin particles for sustained release and maximum absorption by the body.

Biodegradation of cross-linked polymers are more efficient than the linear polymer chain, as the latter undergoes long induction periods prior to mass loss or biodegradation. As a result, curcumin produced using our technology exhibits these features;

 • Increased Stability •
Polymerized curcumin reaches conformational equilibria and no longer gets affected by gravity and external forces

• Increased Solubility •
Tiny particles of curcumin are dissolved molecularly in the biodegradable polymer, are easily dispersed and stay active longer in the body.

• Increased Bioavailability •
Increased solubility contributes to increase in bioavailability of curcumin in vivo, which will result in maximum absorption of curcumin by the body.

• Increased Half-Life • 
Enhanced bioavailability and stability ensure controlled release of curcumin.

Harnessing the power of nature, and amplifying it up to


with our proprietary Quantumflō technology.

With quantumflō technology, QuantumCCM™ (Quantum-Activated Curcumin) is so effective, in fact, that according to scientific studies, curcuminoids are 50,000 times better absorbed by the body as compared to ordinary curcumin. These numbers help eliminate the problem of curcumin’s poor bioavailability and helps our users to enjoy the full health benefits of Curcumin!

How QuantumCCM™ powered by quantumflō technology might help you?

Higher bio-availability, and stability, means you can use less dosage of QuantumCCM™, reducing the chance for side effects and lowering the strain on your kidneys and liver to process the compound.

QuantumCCM™, powered by quantumflō Technology

QuantumCCM™, the most powerful water soluble and bioavailable Curcumin ever developed by FLŌ Life Sciences with quantumflō Technology, breaking the barrier and unleashing curcumin’s full clinical efficacy.

As a conclusion, when we consume Curcumin, due to bioavailability, we need to take 1000x more, not only this is more expensive, but it puts strain on our body, kidney, liver, heart, which can lead to supplement toxicity.

Because of quantumflō technology, we can enjoy the full health benefits of Curcumin, with less side effects (microgram dosage instead of miligram dosage) and at the same time at a reasonable cost.

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