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FLŌ Life Sciences focuses on natural products that people can use every day. We integrate our research into everything that we do, from natural therapeutics to organic cosmetics and more.


nanoflo Oral Spray is a fantastic way to gain the benefits of QuantumCCM™ in a natural and convenient format. Just one or two sprays and you will have enough QuantumCCM™ to boost mood, increase energy, and internally be protected from viruses and bacteria.


justflo Nebulisers, Breathe.1 are now available in a convenient and compact format! Enjoy the potential health benefits of being smoke and nicotine free. Relax in a healthier way.


everflo Elixir is QuantumCCM™ in its most powerful form. Just one drop of elixir contains enough QuantumCCM™ to reduce anxiety, encourage relaxation, relieve pain, and significantly reduce free-radicals and toxins in your body.

Coming Soon

More exciting natural products are on their way, stay tuned! Enhance your life with FLŌ Life Sciences.