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A great choice for those who don’t like to take tablets like me.


28 July 2021

Love the fresh, minty taste of nanoflō.


17 July 2021

Really helps with my muscle recovery after workout sessions!

Sundar Kuppan

16 June 2021

Take it whenever I feel a bit under the weather, it helps the body in it’s fight.


23 May 2021

Using it regularly is useful for protecting the body, and I have noticed that it is useful for influenza and mitigates its effects, noting that turmeric has countless benefits.


7 May 2021

Excellent composition and concentration, after a month of application my complexion became much healthier, not to mention the fact that the skin is an indicator of the health of the body, as a rule!

Diana Tina

28 April 2021

I take it as a maintenance supplement. I feel good and I want to stay that way.

Ramal Vashini

15 April 2021

I chose to begin taking everflō Curcumin to see if I could get some relief for my bones/arthritis, in lieu of a chemo drug my doctor wanted to put me on. I may not be cured, but it has significantly helped by ability to physically function.

Nurul Khaisya

28 March 2021

Turmeric, like most supplements, works over long periods of time. After taking FLO Life Sciences’ everflō for almost 5 months, I have noticed a definate improvement in my arthritic and bowel inflictions.

Ban Hock

23 March 2021

3rd time purchasing everflō elixir and it has outperformed all my expectations. The overall health benefits of this supplement are incredible. With great lifestyle modification, diet, and exercise I feel incredibly energized and healthier overall.

Sandy Chia

14 March 2021

I’ve been taking this product for a little over a year and the one major thing I’ve noticed is I haven’t been sick. I usually get sick a couple of times a year with a cold but this past year since taking this product I have felt amazing.

Anuar Hamzah

9 March 2021

This is a great turmeric product and the drops are easy to take. I work as a pharmacist so I know there are many different brands of turmeric but this is a brand I recommend because of its efficacy and cost.


23 February 2021

I only bought one bottle as I was skeptic. So when I started taking twice a day the pain in my shoulder disappeared within 5 days. I wasn’t able to sleep but I am now.

Choi See Leng

7 February 2021

My back has never felt better!

Siti Aishah

20 January 2021

This product exceeded my expectations. The pain in my hands from osteoarthritis is virtually gone. I work with my hands so I am very happy I found something that works.

Shamsudin Ismail

10 January 2021

Large enough to hold my many daily meds.small enough to travel with.

Linda Chung

1 January 2021

I’ve noticed my joints are much less stiff and feel much better since I’ve started the everflō Curcumin. Great product!

Nora Fatin

22 December 2020

I tried other brands and felt no results. After researching I found FLŌ Life Sciences brand, was just what I needed to help my knee pain.


15 December 2020

After wasting my money on inferior turmeric for a year, I’m so glad that I learned about the quality products FLO Life Sciences provides. Quality, price and service are great!

Reena Diana

1 December 2020

Been taking everflō to boost my immunity, surprisingly this product also brighten my skin and improve my skin’s complexion.

Shanny Lim

27 November 2020

I could tell a difference after taking just 2 days!

Felix Tay

15 November 2020

I really like the quality of these Curcumin Supplement. Reordering is easy and consuming them is simple. Thanks for what you do to help me stay healthy.

Penny Parker

5 November 2020

I used to have horrible excruciating pain in legs at night & hips. Amazingly, I started taking everflō from FLŌ Life Sciences. I am happy that I now sleep much better at night. I have very little tiny pain at times. This is a wonderful product. Thank you so much .

Susan Teoh

31 October 2020

This product is just what I hoping for. My pain from inflammation has been relieved.

Amira Khan

12 October 2020

Happy and feeling better than ever.

Elizabeth Lee

3 October 2020

I chose to begin taking everflō Curcumin to see if I could get some relief for my bones/arthritis, in lieu of a chemo drug my doctor wanted to put me on. I may not be cured, but it has significantly helped by ability to physically function.

Kelly Rose

29 September 2020

They are easy to consume and taste good. I have a hard time swallowing pills and this works really well, so it’s a winner for me.

Daniel Cheong

5 September 2020

I wish I found this product years ago! It has been helping my Mom tremendously who had arthritis through out her entire body. Thank you for providing a superior product!

Sim Jia En

30 August 2020

Continuing to go the Natural Route! I believe that it is making a difference in my muscle pain. I will continue to take everflō drops because daily taking aspirin, Tylenol, Advil, etc., isn’t good for you internally.

Patrick Kimber

18 August 2020

Definitely have noticed decreased pain throughout my body since taking your product. Less inflammation, less pain and increased energy! Thank you.

Matthew Yap

5 August 2020

I feel so much better and there is no bad taste with this product.

Nur Ariesya

17 July 2020

I expected this to help my wife with her back issues. But I never expected it to work so well that after one week she no longer takes her prescription medicine for her back. It’s been 3 weeks and for the first time in years she is pain free!

Jason Tan

22 June 2020

Love these drops, I use them mainly to help with pain control and blood pressure regulation. I got completely off my Dr prescribed BP medication after taking these for a month or so, works great for me. May affect others differently.

Wendy Yeo

15 June 2020

QuantumCCM, the most potent anti-inflammatory that exists.

Billy Chan

28 May 2020

Taking it constantly for health management, so far so good!

Nabila Shah

20 May 2020

Product has taken away my pain and helped me avoid surgery. This is something I will tell to everyone I meet.

Michael Cook

5 May 2020